How a Little Mistake Cost a Woman Her Figure

Tanya began gaining weight when she was 21. She hasn't stopped. She rarely overeats and she even gets in a little exercise. She's discouraged and not enjoying life the way she used to.
What's going wrong?
Tanya has been been told that weight loss is mainly about eating less.  But healthy weight loss is more about what you eat than how much you eat.
She needs GlowTheOneThatWorks™
This revolutionary weight loss, fitness and beauty program was developed by a researcher's daughter. It was featured on TV by Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington.
Kevin told his TV audience:
“GLOW is the program that brings the (fitness and beauty) regime of the stars to everyday people at affordable prices.  It helps women love themselves with genuine care and respect.”
Picture yourself in 12 months:
Looking great in a swimsuit
    Having the energy to enjoy outdoor activities
    Having lovelier hair and skin

    Having a striking new wardrobe chosen using our principles

    Knowing that your weight will never compromise your health

    Taking pride in your self-transformation

    Feeling 100% more positive about yourself

    And eating delicious filling meals every day!

    Congratulations: You've found the ultimate fitness, weight loss and beauty program!