Get Your Summer Shape On!




You can tone up and reach your target weight! I can show you how.

My father was a researcher, a scientist, and a college professor.  Although I was quite young when he passed away, he spoke to me through the articles he wrote about health and the importance of good nutrition. 

As I grew up, I never lost my fascination with the power of nutrition to change lives.  

So like my father, I read and experimented.  It took me ten years, but I found powerful techniques anyone can apply to start losing weight, getting healthy, becoming fit and developing their natural beauty.

I found a way for clients to slim down and tone up while eating plenty of delicious foods and doing fun exercises like walking, belly dancing and singing (yes, singing helps in weight loss!).

I developed a program to make these techniques available to everyone. I call it GLOW – The One That Works … because it does!  One of my clients just amazed his doctor by losing 60 pounds over the course of a year.*

GLOW stands for “Genuine Love of Your Womanhood.” In addition to weight optimization and fitness, GLOW teaches self-esteem.

A TV celebrity recently said,

“GLOW is the program that brings the weight loss and
fitness regime of the stars to everyday people
at accessible prices and helps women love themselves
with genuine care and respect."

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*Not all clients will lose this much.