What a Researcher's Daughter Can Show You About Weight Loss

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Congratulations! You've found the ultimate fitness, weight loss and beauty program.

Picture yourself in 12 months:

Looking great in a swimsuit
    Having the energy to enjoy outdoor activities
    Having lovelier hair and skin

    Having a striking new wardrobe chosen using our principles

    Knowing that your weight will never compromise your health

    Taking pride in your self-transformation

    Feeling 100% more positive about yourself

    And eating delicious filling meals every day!


    Even if you've failed before, you will succeed with GLOW!
    Why am I so confident about this?
    My father was a researcher, a scientist, and a college professor.  He spoke to me through the articles he wrote about health and the importance of good nutrition. 
    As I grew up, I never lost my fascination with the power of nutrition to change lives.


    I followed my passion to become a program director at one of America’s leading weight loss plans.
    I watched people struggle and I thought, “There must be a better way.” 
    So like my father, I read and experimented. 
    Eventually, I found powerful and simple techniques anyone can use to become the beautiful, slender, well-toned and confident woman they were born to be.  

      Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington said:

      “GLOW is the program that brings the regime of the stars to everyday people at affordable prices.  It helps women love themselves with genuine care and respect.”